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IU Update is a televised news magazine that features stories about people, events, and research at all eight campuses of Indiana University. Each Update is first broadcast during the halftime of a televised Indiana University football or basketball game. We get many requests from game viewers who want to see Update programs, or segments of programs, again. Now you can revisit a particular show or catch up with any Update you missed-right here on broadcast.iu.edu. Using free players, such as RealPlayer, you can search through the Update archive and enjoy stories about current developments at IU. The archive is listed in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recently televised game in the 1999-2000 athletic season. Click on the game to view its IU Update.

Archive of 1999-2000 IU Update shows

Ohio State @ Indiana
February 19, 2000
Meet IU alumnus Paul Gilmartin, a rising star in comedy circles and current co-host of the popular Friday night television program "Dinner and a Movie." Other segments include: a behind-the-scenes look at an IU staff member who is making the movie "The Redemption"in his spare time; and Kid Kazooey, a librarian-turned-musician who earned his degree from the IU School of Library and Information Sciences. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Indiana @ Minnesota
February 9, 2000
Visit the IU Cancer Center on the IUPUI campus, which has handled some high profile cases in recent years. The Center is growing in stature as a world center for various cancer treatments. Other segments include: a look at an IU alumnus who is in charge of all US Olympic coaches; a warning from an IU professor who thinks the Olympic games could self-destruct under the organization's rigid administrative structure; and birthday greetings for IU's African American Choral Ensemble which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Program host is Perry Metz.

Penn State @ Indiana
February 2, 2000
Take a look at a little known discipline within the practice of medicine which helps performing artists overcome problems unique to their careers. Other segments include: a look at a Web page devoted to IU's African-American alumni; a new Web site for the Bloomington campus Visitors' Center; and a reminder to sign up for IU News the free weekly e-news service highlighting people and events at with Indiana University. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Minnesota @ Indiana
January 15, 2000
Learn about what amazing new technologies we can expect from computers in the future. Other segments include: a follow-up report on one IU student who may have a promising career awaiting him on Broadway; a new scholarship on the IU Northwest campus which will benefit students who hail from Gary, IN; and a young chemistry professor who is expected to accomplish great things during his career. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Indiana @ Penn State
January 8, 2000
Take a look at the new University High School which provides fully acredited high school degrees to students anywhere in the world by means of distance learning technologies. Other segments include: a report that the health education doctoral program in IU's School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation has been ranked the nation's best; a report that the Kelley School of Business has once again been ranked one of the best in the nation; and news that the Indiana Daily Student newspaper also continues to rank as one of the very best college newspapers in the nation. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Wisconsin @ Indiana
January 5, 2000
Join in a light-hearted birthday greeting for IU alumnus William Beasley who just celebrated his 101st birthday. Other segments include: three generations of students (a grandmother, mother and daughter from Elkhart) who are all currently taking classes on the IU campus at South Bend; an IU Alumni Association reunion held last fall in Thailand; and a look at IU's newest alumni taking part in commencement ceremonies in December. Program host is Perry Metz.

Holy Cross @ Indiana (Hoosier Classic II)
December 28, 1999
Learn about the FACET program which selects and supports the best teachers on all eight IU campuses. Other segments include: IU South Bend English professor Eileen Bender who was named Indiana Professor of the Year; a physics professor who tells us what would happen if a basketball and an anti-basketball were to collide; and IU alumna Victoria Lewis whose sculptures have inspired characters in a number of well-known science fiction movies. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Canisius @ Indiana (Hoosier Classic I)
December 27, 1999
This holiday feature tells the story of a highly successful effort by faculty, staff and students on the IUPUI to collect an enormous amount of food for Indianapolis area food banks. Other segments include: School of Library and Information Science professor Holly Crawford who teaches a class live via the Internet; art work throughout the new Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis which was designed by students in IU's Herron School of Art at IUPUI; and one Herron student whose design was chosen to be printed on all Starbuck's Coffee mugs and T-shirts throughout the Indianapolis area. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Wyoming @ Indiana
December 18, 1999
Meet employees of the Visteon Corporation who are taking classes specially designed for them by the IU School of Continuing Studies. Other segments include: a series of courses designed specially by the School of Continuing Studies for thousands of employees of the National Parks Service; IU athlete alumnus Michelle Venturella who will compete in the Summer Olympic games in Australia as part of the U.S. women's softball team; and an IU biologist who is studying a form of grass fungus which could have detrimental economic effects throughout the U.S. Program host is Perry Metz.

Indiana State @ Indiana (Indiana Classic II)
December 11, 1999
Learn about the growing importance of school counselors and how IU's School of Education is a national leader in providing graduates in this field. Other segments include: a course on video games taught to future teachers; a national female weightlifting champion who is also a top notch student in the Kelley School of Business; and a graduate of the IU School of Education who has won a national teaching award. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Buffalo @ Indiana (Indiana Classic I)
December 10, 1999
Visit the IU School of Optometry's Low Vision Clinic and see how it is providing help and hope to people who have lost most of their sight. Other segments include: the appointment of IU alumnus M. Osman Siddique as U.S. Ambassador to Fiji; the nomination of IU Law School alumnus Cherif Bassiouni for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize; and a special Web site built to commemorate the centennial of the birth of music great and IU alumnus Hoagy Carmichael. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Indiana @ Missouri
December 7, 1999
Meet an outstanding IU researcher/teacher who is combining art and cutting edge CAVE computer technology to create some mind-boggling new art forms. Other segments include: a visit to New Albany by members of the Kelley School of Business' annual Business Outlook Panel; and a look inside the Kelley School of Business' Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Notre Dame @ Indiana
November 30, 1999
Take a look at IU's own award-winning CD-ROM, which was designed to attract new students to the Bloomington campus. Other segments include: an invitation to Web surfers to choose and send picturesque free e-postcards from the IU Alumni Association Web site; a geology professor who is searching the state and midwest for a historically and geologically significant type of grave marker that in prominent use more than 100 years ago; and an invitation to viewers to sign up for IU News, a free, weekly university-oriented news service sent out via e-mail. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Marathon Oil @ Indiana
November 12, 1999
Visit a program within the biology department which brings outstanding minority high school science students to campus for a week-long seminar. Other segments include: dedication of the Dick Enberg Distance Learning Center in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation; a story about cash awards being made to Indiana school teachers from IU's Center on Congress; and a sound bite from Bob Knight's annual address to thousands of IU students in Assembly Hall. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Athletes in Action @ Indiana
November 7, 1999
See hundreds of Indiana University students try out for real parts in the Broadway musical Rent, which made an early-December appearance in the newly-renovated IU Auditorium. Other segments include: a follow-up report on this year's Dance Marathon; a story about IU making history by broadcasting IU Soccer matches live on the Internet; and an invitation to alumni to sign up for a free e-mail service through the IU Alumni Association. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

See IU Update shows from the 2000-2001 season at broadcast.iu.edu/sport/arc_2000-01.html!

And even more IU programs can be viewed here on the Web. See them at broadcast.iu.edu!


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