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Professor Elinor Ostrom

  Nobel Lecture and Nobel Prize Ceremony
December 8 and 10, 2009

Elinor Ostrom, the Arthur F. Bentley professor of political science and professor of public and environmental affairs at Indiana University, has received this year's Nobel in Economic Science. On Tuesday, December 8 she presented her Nobel Lecture in Stockholm, Sweden. She received the Nobel Prize award in a cermony on Thursday, December 10.

Archived video of the 2009 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony is available on the Nobel Prize web site. Archived video of Elinor Ostromís Nobel Prize Lecture is also available from the Nobel Prize web site. You will need Adobe Flash Player to view both event streams.

Ostrom is the first woman ever to receive the award. She shares it with Oliver E. Williamson, who is at the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. The two will share the prize for their separate work on economic governance, organization, cooperation, relationships and nonmarket institutions.

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