Thoughts and Feelings from Campus and Community Callers

While some campus and community members were present at the forum, others watched it on television and called in with their comments and questions. Unfortunately, the call center received so many calls that the panelists could not address them all. Below are some of the reactions from callers, including outrage, fear, and pleas for unity.

From an Ellettsville community member:

"I just want to reassure the students at the forum that I'm listening. There are lots of people listening, even if we can't be there in person. I'm at home with my young daughter, and I've been calling friends and family all over the country to talk about the events. Students are in a unique position to be able to spend time at a forum, but those of us with families can't always do that. We all have our ways of responding and caring, and those responses can't always be public. I can barely speak without crying right now. I don't think I could attend a forum if I wanted to, but I'm listening. "

From a Bloomington community member:

"I believe the United States has been compassionate and just in its response to the international community. Rightfully, we feel great pain. I'd like to reiterate that we, too, need to understand what we have done in the world by supporting: Ferdinand Marcus in the Philippines, the Shaw in Iran, and early in his regime, Saddam Hussein in Iraq. I call upon us to understand our history and look at the policies that we have that are violent. We have done things that may have been as strongly felt by others elsewhere. It's okay to find a place of outrage in our hearts for what's been done to us, but let's also be outraged for what we've done to others."

From an IU Bloomington student:

"A lot of people in my classes have been talking about how America's political agenda is responsible for this great tragedy. This act was an atrocity, not a military target. It was just ruthless murder of our citizens. What reasons could people possibly have for suggesting that this terrorism is justified?"

From an IU Bloomington student:

"Americans should unite because we all live together and fighting among us will get us nowhere in resolving the problems surrounding terrorism."

From a Bloomington community member:

"Americans should respond to the attack on America through action and not simply discussion. An American is an American, regardless of what ethnic label precedes the word "American." We need to unite instead of pointing fingers at one another."

From a Columbus community member:

"Jeff Isaacs is really terrific, really wonderful, and I'm proud of IU for having this panel. I'm 81 years old, and I've been sitting by myself for two days watching all the coverage. I've lived through World Wars I and II-- in fact, my mother came from the old country, Austria. I know how terrific the suffering must be for people all over America. I'm praying for them. I'm a Catholic, and I think Professor Isaacs said he's Jewish . . . we're all God's creation, and I wish we could teach respect for all nationalities and backgrounds. I don't want to see us go to war again."