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Photo by Paul Martens

Interviewer Byron Smith (right) shares a moment with Ray Charles in his dressing room at the IU Auditorium. Smith is also blind

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Ray Charles Audio Stream

0:00 -- Ray Charles--after 50-plus Years in the Music Business "It's a wonderful thing to have people who love what you're doin'." 0:57
-- Relationship of Music and the Musician "It has meaning, a true feeling that he feels in himself." 2:28
-- Music and the Listener "I've never met anybody in my life that didn't like some kind of music." 3:30
-- Influential Musicians "I like all kinds of music." 4:57
-- Hoosier Songwriter and IU Alumnus, Hoagy Carmichael "I can't go anywhere in the world and not play "Georgia"." 6:02
-- Popularity "If you perform good music, it doesn't matter about the age." (of the listener) 7:32
-- Message to IU Music Majors "If you want to excel, you've got to practice!" 9:27
-- Sighted People and Blind People "People just treat me jus' 'bout like they treat anybody else." 10:25
-- October 1985 Plane Crash "There was no brakes." 12:02 END


Remember Ray Charles (left in photo at left) at the piano as the opening credits ran for the TV sit-com Designing Women? Itís a musical moment on Charlesí mind, too. He canít go anywhere in the world without playing his rendition of IU alumnus Hoagy Carmichaelís Georgia On My Mind. IU broadcast producer Byron Smith interviews Charles, who appeared in concert on the IU Bloomington campus Oct. 27.


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