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  Show Hosts - Neal Moore - Breshaun Joyner - Barbara Lewis

IU Update is a televised news magazine that features stories about people, events, and research at all eight Indiana University campuses. Each Update is first broadcast during IU basketball halftimes. On, you can catch up or revisit any show using a free player, such as RealPlayer. Pictured above: IU Update hosts Neal Moore, Breshaun Joyner and Barbara Lewis.

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200607 IU Update Archive

March 3, 2007
Penn State @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

The Indiana University School of Medicine Regional Education Centers provide local connections to the statewide Indiana Life Sciences Initiative. Here's a look at how four of the centers' contributions will benefit Hoosiers in their local communities as well as other parts of the state.  

Program host is Breshaun Joyner

February 21, 2007
Minnesota @ Indiana

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We all know the feeling of pain, but nobody knows exactly how the body produces or stops pain. IU has the research infrastructure needed to bring economic opportunity and better medicine to all of us. IU's "Marching Hundred" has been named the nation's best marching band.  

Program host is Neal Moore

February 14, 2007
Indiana @ Purdue

(click game to view entire show)

An Indiana University biology professor has uncovered what is believed to be the world's strongest naturally-produced glue. This year's IU/Purdue Blood Challenge had more than one winner. . Here's your chance to help save a life - volunteer for the IU Clinical Research Registry. .  

Program host is Neal Moore

February 10, 2007
Penn State @ Northwestern

(click game to view entire show)

Indiana University stands proud among all of the schools that make up the Big Ten Athletic Conference. Here are just a few reasons why.  

Program host is Barbara Lewis

January 31, 2007
Wisconsin @ Indiana

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Volunteers are needed for the IU Clinical Studies Research Registry. The man who is overseeing the Indiana Life Sciences Initiative says it's a venture that will produce more jobs, pump money into the state's economy and result in better health care for Hoosiers. IU doctors are using a new, less invasive, surgical procedure to remove non-cancerous growths from people's throats. .  

Program host is Barbara Lewis

January 13, 2007
Indiana @ Penn State

(click game to view entire show)

IU is the only Big Ten school using a computerized device to monitor the G-forces experienced by football players when they get hit on the head. IU students who formed a Jewish acapella singing group were invited to perform at the White House in December.  

Program host is Barbara Lewis

December 30, 2007
Ball State @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

This fall, Indiana University partnered with U.S. Senator Evan Bayh to hold a series of job fairs on three IU campuses. Here's another way IU is contributing to the state's economic development effort: offering special scholarship money to students willing to become math teachers in urban and rural schools. The IU School of Education is forging partnership with public schools throughout the state in an effort to encourage new programs and projects similar to the "Challenger Learning Center" being run by the Decatur Central School System on the south side of Indianapolis. .  

Program host is Neal Moore

December 22, 2006
Indiana @ IUPUI (Conseco Fieldhouse)

(click game to view entire show)

Indiana University researchers have found an important discovery about the impact violent video games can have on the brains of adolescents who play them.   A team of IU underwater researchers believe they have found the remains of ships Columbus sailed to the new world hundreds of years ago.   Widespread fraud in the business world has been uncovered by a professor in IU's Kelley School of Business.  IU officials have announced plans to offset losses in the federally-funded Pell Grant program.  

Program host is Neal Moore

December 20, 2006
Western Michigan @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

Many of the nation's best science students came to Indiana this year because IU was chosen to host the prestigious National Science Olympiad.   The man who is spearheading the Indiana Life Science Initiative says IU has an obligation to help improve health care for Indiana citizens. More than 35,000 Hoosiers have put IU license plates on their vehicles - it's the most popular collegiate license plate in Indiana.  

Program host: Neal Moore

December 6, 2006
Western Illinois @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

It's not enough just to make scientific discoveries on IU campuses. Researchers are helping the state's economy by bring their work into the marketplace.  Scientists in an IU laboratory are looking at a common plant to see if it may hold out hope someday for women with breast cancer.  Here's one IU doctor who has put his heart and soul into the fight against one particular kind of cancer. Students on the Bloomington campus raised close to $1 million during this year's IU Dance Marathon.

Program host: Neal Moore

December 2, 2006
Charlotte @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

Indiana's obesity rates are some of the nation's highest and that could lead to health and financial problems. IU is leading by example with its employees.  IU has many ties to an Indianapolis company has developed a revolutionary hand-held device that measures a person's "bad cholesterol."  Six former Hoosier athletes have been inducted into the school's Athletic Hall of Fame.

Program host: Neal Moore

November 19, 2006
Chicago State @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

IU's new "Big Red" supercomputer is one of the world's largest and fastest.  There's a good chance your own computer needs to go on an e-mail diet and a new book written by an IU professor tells you how to do it. The world's largest school of music has begun offering musical podcast downloads.

Program hosts: Neal Moore

November 17, 2006
Indiana State @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

IU is Indiana's leader in life sciences, mainly because of highly motivated and successful scientists like Carl Bauer.  Faculty members from the Kelley School of Business have made their annual forecast about Indiana's economy in 2007.  Students and faculty from IU's Kelley School of Business had an opportunity to ring the closing bell at the NASDAQ stock echange in New York City.

Program host: Neal Moore


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