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  Marshella Griffin

IU Update is a televised news magazine that features stories about people, events, and research at all eight Indiana University campuses. Each Update is first broadcast during IU basketball halftimes. On, you can catch up or revisit any show using a free player, such as RealPlayer.

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200304 IU Update Archive

February 25, 2004
Indiana @ Northwestern

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IU students have a long history of contributing their time and energy in service to communities all across Indiana. More than $400,000 was raised for the Riley Children's Hospital through a weekend dance marathon back in October.  The Hoosier Hills Food Bank would not be able to help Hoosiers without the assistance of IU student volunteers.  Senior basketball star A.J. Moye is an off-court winner with elementary school kids in Bloomington because of a reading program he has started on his own.  One of three soldiers featured on the cover of Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" issue is an IU alumna.  

Program host is Marshella Griffin.

February 21, 2004
Ohio State @ Indiana

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The political campaign season is in full swing. Indiana University helps shape our political processes more than you might think. For example, IU is participating in the American Democracy Project, a national program aimed at getting students to take full advantage of campus opportunities that will help them become productive, contributing citizens once they're out of school  

Program host is Marshella Griffin.

February 18, 2004
Minnesota @ Indiana

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We used to think of neighborhoods as streets and houses and the people next door. But technology is changing all of that. Our neighborhoods are now made up of virtual groups and global networks. Indiana University is helping us make sense of, and make better use of, information.  

Program host is Marshella Griffin.

February 11, 2004
Indiana @ Penn State

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This show travels from Bloomington to Mishawaka to Muncie in search of people whose lives have been saved because of Indiana University. The IU Medical Center has been a part of a national study on the use of publicly available defibrillators. Meet two men whose lives were saved because these devices were nearby.  What started out as a world-class research cyclotron has evolved into a life-saving cancer center that is capable of killing diseases that used to be untreatable.  

Program host is Marshella Griffin.

February 7, 2004
Iowa @ Indiana

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IU technology is working in your neighborhood advancing science, improving health and creating jobs. There's a place in southern Indiana that is out of this world...literally! A Greenville company is the only NASA primary contractor in Indiana.  A young Indianapolis company named Focus Surgery got its start on the IUPUI campus.  

Program host is Marshella Griffin.

January 17, 2004
Northwestern @ Indiana

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If music is the language of angels, then IU must be heaven! Here's a handful of IU music programs that touch the lives of Hoosiers. The IU School of Music attracts and produces fine musicians and also prepares the educators who teach music to our children.  The Music Therapy program at IPFW impacts the health of real people in and around the Fort Wayne community.  Alexander Toradze attracts students and world-renown performers to the South Bend Community.  The Bank One Children's Series benefits the quality of life of youngsters throughout southern Indiana.  Students are the backbone of the IU Soul Revue and other performance units within IU's African-American Arts Institute.

Program host is Marshella Griffin.

December 29, 2003
Indiana @ North Texas

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IU's Applied Research and Education Center has helped the Scott County Partnership collect and evaluate data that will help people who live in and around Scottsburg.  The Floyd County Health Department relies on Indiana University to identify mosquitos that are infected with the deadly West Nile Virus.  Many of Indiana's public school teachers are graduates of Indiana University. Nearly three out of every four teachers in the New Albany area are IU alumni.  Graduate students studying business on the IU Kokomo campus formed a partnership with civic leaders in the central Indiana community of Greentown. The result is a plan to make community improvements and beautify the downtown.

Program host is Marshella Griffin.

December 23, 2003
Moorehead State @ Indiana

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Testicular cancer is a disease which has largely been conquered by doctors in the IU School of Medicine.  IU is home to one of the world's largest medical schools.  Adolescent women are particularly at-risk of developing a smoking habit and one IU School of Nursing professor has invented a video game that can equip girls with knowledge to fight the urge to smoke. Students at IUN are serious about kicking the smoking habit off-campus.  IU and Purdue alumni have been engaged in a battle that has actually drawn blood.

Program host is Marshella Griffin.

December 13, 2003
Butler @ Indiana

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Indiana University plays an important role in keeping the state's water supplies clean.  Dental School professors and students travel throughout the state providing screening services for at-risk children.  Most dentists throughout Indiana were educated at Indiana University.  Unemployment continues to run high in northwestern Indiana and IU is trying to help those affected by it.  The IUN campus has formed a unique partnership with a local church to benefit elderly neighbors.  Look for our new "Advancing Indiana" logo on IU Update stories.

Program host is Marshella Griffin.



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