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  Show Hosts - Neal Moore - Breshaun Joyner - Barbara Lewis

IU Update is a televised news magazine that features stories about people, events, and research at all eight Indiana University campuses. Each Update is first broadcast during IU basketball halftimes. On, you can catch up or revisit any show using a free player, such as RealPlayer. Pictured above: IU Update hosts Neal Moore, Breshaun Joyner and Barbara Lewis.

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200506 IU Update Archive

March 4, 2006
Indiana @ Michigan

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A vehicle that drives itself may sound futuristic, but IU is helping make that dream a reality. Art students at IU Kokomo are helping the families of U.S. soldiers at the same time they are learning how to depict real life in their projects.  

Program host is Neal Moore

March 1, 2006
Indiana @ Purdue

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Indiana University is committed to growing a life science industry that will boost the state's economy. IU has the research infrastructure needed to bring economic opportunity and better medicine to all of us.  

Program host is Barbara Lewis

February 22, 2006
Penn State @ Indiana

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Indiana University is an important economic engine for the State of Indiana. IU has created its "Advancing Indiana" office in Indianapolis in an effort to share the university's resources with business and government leaders . An IU chemistry professor was invited to visit the White House last summer .  

Program host is Breshaun Joyner

February 15, 2006
Indiana @ Penn State

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IUPUI basketball star Maushae Byles is the centerpiece of this IU Update. His personal sacrifice is an inspriation to young and old alike.  

Program host is Neal Moore

February 1, 2006
Northwestern @ Indiana

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IU is always involved in programs and project that benefit children throughout the state. One of them can be found in the northern Indiana community of Ligonier . Hoosier children will ultimately benefit if IU can help attract more math and science teachers who will work in public schools, especially those in inner cities and rural areas . The IU Northwest campus at Gary helped distribute more than 9,000 books to throughout Lake County earlier this year . Some of the nation's brightest youngsters will come to Bloomington, Indiana this spring to compete in the National Science Olympiad .  

Program host is Barbara Lewis

January 19, 2005
Purdue @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

IU and Purdue are fierce competitors on the basketball court, but are close partners in many other arenas. They have many cooperative programs and business initiatives intended to provide Hoosier health benefits.. Both universities are working with Indianapolis schools to encourage better math and science skills among students. IU and Purdue chemistry students work together on projects each year.. A state-wide computer network links West Lafayette, Indianapolis and Bloomington.. The Red Cross and Indiana Blood Center team with IU and Purdue each year for their Annual Blood Challenge. The real winners are the people of Indiana..  

Program host is Barbara Lewis

January 3, 2005
Michigan @ Indiana

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Indiana University doctors and researchers are working to offer you healthy choices. One new plan would make it easier for people on restrictive diets to go grocery shopping. If you want to lower your blood pressure, an IU study suggests you consider doing some simple housework. Doctors at the IU Medical Center are testing a new device that could provide some relief to people suffering from emphysema. Meet the Father of Endocardiography, Dr. Harvey Feigenbaum..  

Program host is Barbara Lewis

December 23, 2005
Indiana @ Butler

(click game to view entire show)

Indiana University is a world leader in cyber security. Keeping Hoosier computers safe from hackers is a never-ending job.  IU researchers have developed the HoneyNet, a fake set of websites that give experts important insights into hackers and their methods.  Indiana should be proud of the fact IU has been given control of some of the world's most advanced computer networks.  An on-line tutorial is available to help Hoosiers and others keep their computers safe.  

Program host is Neal Moore

December 6, 2004
Indiana @ Indiana State

(click game to view entire show)

Record-breaking donations to Indiana University is good news for Hoosier students. More than $150 million in gifts to IU during the past year will translate into more than one thousand scholarships each year for graduates of Indiana high schools.  Much is happening every day inside IU that will have an impact on health, business, technology and a great deal more.  

Program host: Barbara Lewis

December 3, 2005
Eastern Michigan @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

Indiana University is a national leader in technology and is using its expertise to enhance the world of art.  IU's Herron School of Art has a new home on the IUPUI campus in Indianapolis.  Hoosier native and international rock star John Mellencamp is exhibiting a collection of his personal art work at the Herron School of Art this winter.

Program host: Barbara Lewis

November 26, 2005
Indiana @ Western Illinois

(click game to view entire show)

Indiana University plays an important role in the state's economy. The Kelley School of Business has educational programs that build for tomorrow and at the same time providing services and experts that assist the state today.  A large gift from IU alumnus William Godfrey will allow hundreds of students to attend IU each year.  The IU School of Music has a new name thanks to a monumental gift from an Ohio family.

Program host: Neal Moore

November 21, 2005
Florida A & M @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

Nursing students are at the core of two summer camps for Kokomo-area children with asthma and diabetes.  Newsweek magazine declares IU is Red Hot!

Program hosts: Neal Moore & Breshaun Joyner

November 18, 2005
Nichols State @ Indiana

(click game to view entire show)

Indiana University reached out this year to help people hurt by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.  Students from Tulane and other schools were temporarily transplanted to IU so their studies would not be interrupted.  The loss of an IU home football game was averted this fall.  Most IU campuses throughout the state conducted fundraising activites to assist hurricane victims.  IU students traveled to the Gulf Coast to lend assistance and get first-hand experience in the wake of a disaster.  IU scientists are helping to develop a faster and better way of detecting severe storms, as well as a better warning system.

Program hosts: Neal Moore & Barbara Lewis



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