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IU Update is a televised news magazine that features stories about people, events, and research at all eight campuses of Indiana University. Each Update is first broadcast during the halftime of a televised Indiana University football or basketball game. We get many requests from game viewers who want to see Update programs, or segments of programs, again. Now you can revisit a particular show or catch up with any Update you missed-right here on broadcast.iu.edu. Using free players, such as RealPlayer, you can search through the Update archive and enjoy stories about current developments at IU. The archive is listed in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recently televised game in the 2000-2001 athletic season. Click on the game to view its IU Update.

Archive of 2000-2001 IU Update shows

Valporaiso @ Indiana (Hoosier Classic II)
December 29, 2000
Doctors at the Indiana University Medical Center are researching a new, potentially revolutionary treatment for early stage lung cancer. Other segments include: a look at Stan the man, a life-like simulator used for training anesthesiologists; a variety of new simulators being used inside the School of Medicine's Surgery Department to help train doctors and nurses; and scenes from this year's December Commencement ceremony on the Bloomington campus. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Northeastern @ Indiana (Hoosier Classic I)
December 28, 2000
The AIM Program on the IUPUI campus is helping keep youthful offenders from returning to prison. Other segments include: students from IU's Herron School of Art are using graffiti as a way of influencing kids to avoid drugs, gangs and violence; a new painless procedure being developed at the IU School of Dentistry can detect potential cavities two or three years earlier than ever before; and another Indiana University student has been selected to receive the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

UNC-Charlotte @ Indiana
December 16, 2000
Old books and new technology don't have to collide just because they both use the Information Superhighway. Other segments include: two IUPUI graduates have been recognized as some of the nation's finest science teachers; an IU biologist has been named Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching; and IU has teamed up with two other Indiana universities to promote supercomputing facilities throughout Indiana. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Ball State @ Indiana (Indiana Classic II)
December 9, 2000
Meet an IU professor who is helping shape the future of new technologies to be used in the business world. Other segments include: teaching the Haitian Creole language to students throughout Indiana; and a unique IU program which supports the study of Haiti's Creole language. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Western Michigan @ Indiana (Indiana Classic I)
December 8, 2000
Take a look at the state's fastest growing companies, all of which have earned IU's Growth 100 Award. Other segments include: the Kelley School of Business' Johnson Center Web site, which contains information of interest to new businesses around Indiana; the Web site for IU's useful Fact Book; and a look at an upgraded IBM supercomputer, which has propelled IU to the forefront of academic computing capability. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Southern Illinois @ Indiana
December 2, 2000
See what's in store for Indiana's economy in 2001, courtesy of the annual Business Outlook Panel. Other segments include: IU is coordinating the state's first-ever archaeological rescue effort ; IU's Kelley School of Business has joined hands with the University of Evansville in a special program; and the City of Bloomington has been ranked as one of the best places to live in the U.S. Program host is Perry Metz.

Indiana @ South Alabama (Preseason NIT)
November 17, 2000
Learn about the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center being built across the street from the IPFW campus in Fort Wayne. Other segments include: a visit to IU by former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Collin Powell, who is also a likely choice to become U.S. Secretary of State; see how an IU professor and his students are conducting an underwater archaeological study of a shipwreck off the coast of California; and IU students dance all weekend to raise more than $300,000 for Riley Childrens' Hospital in Indianapolis. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Marathon Oil @ Indiana
November 10, 2000
Here's a sneak preview of IU's new School of Informatics, which opened for business this fall. Other segments include: a life-sized likeness of IU's beloved, late Chancellor Herman B Wells now resides in the middle of the Bloomington campus; a visit by France's Ambassador to the U.S. to honor an IU professor; and a group of IU students who traveled to Africa this summer in an effort to battle the onslaught of the deadly AIDS virus. Program host is Sandy Matthys Roob.

Athletes in Action @ Indiana
November 5, 2000
Meet the members of IU's outstanding women's volleyball squad - gals who are doing a great job on the court and in the classroom. Other segments include: South African playwrite/director/actor Athol Fugard spent a week on the Bloomington campus and shared his knowledge and experiences; three U.S. Olympians with ties to IU and Bloomington showed off their medals during halftime of an IU football game this fall; and an IU professor and his students have cast a suspicious eye on claims by a popular swimsuit maker regarding claims of improved Olympic performance because of the suits. Program host is Perry Metz.

Preseason Scrimmage
October 29, 2000
Here's a look at things to come -- by taking a very quick look back at almost all of the stories run during IU Update shows last year. Program hosted by, both, Sandy Matthys Roob and Perry Metz.

See IU Update shows from the 1999-2000 season at broadcast.iu.edu/archive.html!

And even more IU programs can be viewed here on the Web. See them at broadcast.iu.edu!

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